At Hill Grange, we foster an educational environment that emphasizes individual attention, self-esteem and personal responsibility.
Hill Grange has small class with individual attention given to each student. Also a strong core curriculum and the opportunity to learn in a fun-filled, relaxed atmosphere using  modern technology.

Academic Philosophy @ Hill Grange
At Hill Grange, our aim is to make every class, every lesson an escapades. We do this by a child who has found the whole process of learning significant, supportive, stimulating and satisfying is bound to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Academic Methodology @ Hill Grange
The academics methodologies and system are planned to develop in every child the ability to think not only vertically but also laterally.
Children learn to correlate learning to daily life and apply theory to practical situations. They work on projects and themes that provide them opportunities to develop multiple skill sets in children and also identify areas improvement.

Self Study @ Hill Grange
Regular prep hours are a part of the daily schedule. Students are evaluated through a carefully planned system which not only assesses the academic performance, but also the various skills required for all round development.
The counseling program also ensure equal opportunities for all students to participate fully in the education process. Learning difficulties, if any, are identified. There is a special Resource Room, with facilities for remedial teaching, for children identified with such difficulties.

Remedial Education @ Hill Grange
In response to the needs of children with learning difficulties, the school takes accountability for remedial program that is incorporated into the curriculum. The program is designed to give teachers an understanding of the problem and equip them with skills to identify these difficulties in children. The remedial/ resource room is staffed by a well qualified  teacher with a specialization in Special Education. Annual and short term objectives and developed.

Technology for the Students @ Hill Grange
This is a key focus area in all aspects of life at Hill Grange. Apart from an advanced computer resource lab for academics, network computer stations (offering internet connectivity) are placed. A host of benefits are provided to students, teachers and parents.
Students use computers for all their needs, like:
  Self Learning through CBT
Internet for Information
Gallery of photographs

With a user name and password, students can monitor their progress, and view teacher comments and special notes, marks, recommended books, etc.
Technology for the Staff

Teaching Staff uses Technology for
  Lesson Plans
Presentation of content
Interactive classroom sessions
Project work, activities and content planned and covered Exam and test schedules Student assessment

For Parents
Parents can log on to the school site and view their child's progress in academics, activities and health record.

Discipline @ Hill Grange
Since the whole philosophy of the school rests on shaping responsible children, the emphasis is on self-discipline. There is no corporal punishment. Children are encouraged to analyze and correct their own behavior, through a carefully evolved participatory discipline policy.
Guidelines are framed to ensure physical safety of children and also nurture their sense of values.

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