Accommodation @ Hill Grange

Every care is taken at Hill Grange to make the child feel at home. The halls of residence are spacious and comfortable with independent storage space. The welfare of the children is the responsibility of the warden/ matron guided by student counselor and a student mentor.
Each block has a well equipped modern recreation room with Projection System, television, music system and indoor games.

Houses @ Hill Grange
The House System is the core of virtually all life both inside and outside the classroom. This arrangement provides each student with personalized care as well as a base for academic monitoring. It ensures a comfortable social environment and a structure within which games and other activities can thrive. The house is the focus of loyalty for the members, while at the same time providing security and identity.
To promote teamwork and group activity. The House team is responsible for both encouraging and motivating those in their House to achieve their potential. All the Houses are supported by a skilled and dedicated group of ancillary staff.

Discipline @ Hill Grange
Since the whole Philosophy of the school rests on shaping responsible Children, the emphasis is on self-discipline. There is no corporal punishment. Children are encouraged to analyze and correct their own behavior, through a carefully evolved participatory discipline policy.
Guidelines are framed to ensure physical safety of children and also nurture their sense of values.

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