Hill Grange has been envisaged as a respond to the growing need for world-class residential school. Hill Grange School offers a comprehensive learning environment, with personal freedom, and the richness of non-academic activities. For a child, this translates into:

Escapades in the Classroom
Making learning significant by helping fuel new insights and understanding.
Creating a supportive environment.
Stimulate thought and healthy excitement for learning.
Encouraging the natural joy of mastering new skills and concepts.

Sports and Recreation
Providing a range of sports and recreation facilities that hold the interest of the contemporary child.

Extracurricular Activities
A mix of traditional and modern activities that promote all- around development.

Technology in Action
A key focus are in all aspects of life at Hill grange. We give platform for changing world.

Preparing Children for Life after School
Practical knowledge, self-reliance and independence through learning routine chores.
In nutshell, Hill Grange School aims at providing a complete and contemporary  educational experience for the contemporary child, preparing him for a successful life in contemporary world.

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